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Psychanalyste ParisThatiana De Oliveira
Cabinet privéRue de l'Abbé Groult 90, 75015 Paris
TarifsPour une consultation individuelle le tarif s’élève à 60 € pour des séances d'environ 45 minutes.

Pour une consultation de couple le tarif s'élève à 80€ pour une séance de 45 minutes.

Pour une consultation d'enfant le tarif s'élève également à 50€ pour une séance de 45 minutes.

Toutes les séances en ligne s'élèvent à 50 € / 45 minutes.

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Thatiana De Oliveira 48.838080, 2.296521

Who am I ?

Born into a multicultural family, I had the chance to grow up in three different countries. This peculiarity has fueled my curiosity and my attraction to diversity and made me want to live and work in many countries.

Around 30 years old, enriched by these many experiences, I felt the need to undertake another journey, this time inside myself.

I then made the decision to make a professional reconversion by starting studies in psychology, then psychotherapy in Paris area that I have always been passionate about.

Convinced that the psychological complexity of the human being can not be understood in its totality by a unique approach, I tried to build during my studies, a vision as complete as possible of the functioning of the human psyche by deepening different methods and theories such as neuroscience, psychobiology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, clinical psychology and psychoanalysis.

Parallel to this university education, my personal researches have also turned towards Buddhist sciences and other oriental traditions with the will to seek a dialogue between West and East, favoring a more global vision of the human being.

All these experiences and knowledge are for me a real source of enrichment in my meeting with others and in my current work.

My research continues today through training, theoretical and practical internships, readings to be able to offer a practice based on multiple references and to best adapt to each person who consults.

Throughout my studies I carried out a personal psychoanalytic work and today I continue the analysis of my professional practice in supervision.

After various experiences in hospitals, I opened my Clinic on the XV arrondissement where I am ready to welcome you.

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